Hey, Welcome to my page!

Posted on October 3, 2012

They say life is a journey and everyone has a story, well I feel like I can literally write a book, and my journeys have been long, crazy and amazing!

The one thing I am, have been and always will be is a woman and human being. I am however also a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt and proud army wife. As this blog evolves you will most likely read a lot more about me and my family.

Currently things are in a BIG change-up for me. Recently my husband was transferred to North Carolina from Fort Lewis Washington. I was born and raised in Washington state and even though I have moved away before, this time was tough. In July, we drove here (actually twice) to North Carolina with our two dogs. Yeah, as you can imagine that was a “journey”! We made the most of it and are loving the Carolina weather.  One of the main reasons I am starting this blog right now is that I have the time to really feel like ‘me’ for a change and to delve into some things that are interesting to me and stir up my creative juice’s!

I know there are many people out there that are going through similar things and talking, sharing and keeping ourslelves busy and happy and sharing some great ideas and solutions just might help! Having just bought an old house (1946) that needs tons of updating, decorating and TLC I am also newly addicted to DIY.  Funny, do it yourself stuff is not as easy as we are lead to believe! I am a pretty handy self reliant kind of a girl..or so I thought. I look at all these ideas on pintrest etc, and I get super excited and I try them..hhmmm how do I put this…DIY stands more for “Damn It Yogagoddess!” I am getting better and learning as I go as is my husband who likes to tell me, “see I have skittles” his little play on words of actually having “skills”. Oh, trust me we will get to him as well. He’s the guy that no matter what he puts together, there are ALWAYS left over pieces. Even if he just took it apart.

So, in general this blog will be alot of sharing, DIY, Recipes and LIFE, I hope you enjoy!


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