Ultimate DIY Exfoliator

So you are looking to exfoliate? I was to and set out to try a few. I was not very impressed with a lot of over the counter stuff. I am very dry skinned and they all seemed to dry me out more and or felt like  they were sand blasting my skin off…which was a big NO NO! Plus they were very $$$$.

I am a big believer in DIY stuff as you can see, I love making my own creamer, lotion and body scrub. So I wanted to try my own. Here is one of my favorites!!

What you need:

3 tsp Sugar (you can use brown sugar too:)

1 tsp lemon juice (smells delish, and brightens/lightens the skin)

2 1/2 tsp Coconut oil

Simply mix all the ingredients together. I mix them in a little custard dish as shown but transfer to a small plastic container with a lid to keep in the shower.

I use this on my face, neck and chest & lips. Its amazing! I used to get chapped lips often and I hate them, this scrub keeps them soft and supple!

I love my DIY Coco-caffeinated skin so soft for my body, but I LOVE this for my face. It makes my skin soft smooth and oh so touchable:) P.S if you get it in your mouth while scrubbing your lips…enjoy it!


Face scrub in plastic Face scrub ing


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