Fondue Bunt Cake Dinner

A Christmas Eve tradition in my husband’s family is to have fondue for dinner. We have decided to keep it as ours as well.

This year we stayed home in our new home and new home state for Christmas. We invited some great new friends over. They have two daughters, seven and seventeen and none of the family ever had fondue so it was a lot of fun to introduce them to it!

We Had cheese fondue with great crusty french bread, as well as a wine broth fondue for veggies, steak and chicken. For dessert we had fresh granny smith apples to dip in caramel with chocolate chips and marshmallows! Needless to say, it was a hit!!

However the next day, what to do with the leftovers?? I came across this idea on pintrest, I converted my leftovers into an amazing fondue bunt cake that fed us dinner, breakfast and lunch for a couple of days!




Heres what I used:





6 eggs

2 cups of cubed bread

1 cup of chunked cheese (I used my now congealed fondue cheese and cut it into chunks)

1 stick of butter


Start by steaming your veggies just enough to make them “al dente” Firm but not hard.

Then ripped up the eggs in a separate bowl. Add in salt, pepper etc, whatever spices you like. I used dried, thyme, basil, Himalayan sea salt and pepper.

IMG_2566 IMG_2565 IMG_2568IMG_2569


Next, add the veggies, cubed bread and cheese  into the egg mixture add stir it all up.

Scoop it into your pre-sprayed bundt pan.


Then melt the whole stick of butter in microwave in a microwave safe dish, then pour the whole thing over the top!


Bake at 350* for about 45 minutes or until nicely browned.





Let it cool a few minutes before flipping it onto your serving plate.

This was amazing!! Just FYI, for leftovers, I cut slices dipped them in egg then italian bread crumbs and fried them in olive oil to make the outside crunchy.

All in all with the eggs, veggies and cheese I realize this is not the lowest in cholesterol recipe, however once in a while its nice to indulge =))


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