Sweet Face Scrub!

I am always looking for ways to use natural ingredients for things we normally buy at the store that can be filled with a lot of things we just don’t need to use in or on our bodies.

Here is a great face scrub/moisturizer/exfoliator.

Start with these ingredients;

Sweet Face Scrub

As you can see its nothing fancy and things you more than likely have on hand.

Brown sugar


Olive oil

Mix about a tablespoon of each into a small bowl. Add a bit more oil if you like:)

Use your fingers to apply to your face…gently, let the mixture do the real work.

If it feels clumpy add a bit of water to your face not the mixture to spread it easier. Now chill for a bit. Relax put your feet up…what ev… or simple wash it right off if you’re in a hurry… My advice use the left over to exfoliate your hands and even your feet if you have made enough. If you’re doing a nice little “spa” moment think ahead to make enough! You can even use this in the shower!

I personally use my left over coffee grounds in the shower but I will post that later:)

Now once your done chilling…rinse it all off and go find someone to feel your face!! They and you will be amazed at how soft and supple  your skin is!

I find it amazing how much better I feel when I feel I look better:))



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I'm just a girl in the world... I am a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a wife. I live every day hoping for the best, keeping positive and living each moment to the fullest! This is not a dress rehearsal and you may never get a second chance to live your life to the fullest. Today....be you!
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