Best Baked Potatoes Ever!

I have been out of town and super busy lately  but I really wanted to share this great recipe from I wash, you dry. I LOVE baked potatoes and could eat them every day. I am an immediate gratification kind of girl usually so my normal quick way is to clean the potatoes well and “stab” them a few times with a knife..I know it sounds a little over kill but it helps get rid of any frustration or aggression:) , anyway then I put them in the micro for about 20 minutes. Yeah I know….someday I will glow from all my microwave use… So….when I found this recipe I figure I would give it a try for a change.

Its my first anniversary and my husband is at taking a school in Georgia. I was outside the better part of the day raking leaves in our oversized enormous back yard full of pecan trees. So when I was done I figured tonight was as good as any to “treat” myself with the great baked potato!

Heres what to do;

Scrub your potato well to remove all the dirt. Make sure all the bad spots are cut off if there are any.

I sill did the “knife” thing..hey I like it!

Using Olive oil brush the outside of the potatoes completely then sprinkle a little salt. I used Pink Himalayan Salt.

Line your oven with foil so there’s no messy clean up!

Potatoes in the oven lined with foil.


Bake between 375* and 400* depending on your oven. I baked at 400* for 35 minutes.

When they are easily pierced with a fork they are done…try NOT to over bake:)

Once they are cooled a bit, slice down the center and use both thumbs and index fingers to smish together so the center opens up like this;

Smished open baked potato.


Now add what you like:) I used “move over butter” and sour cream.



Now to enjoy! After this…its a bottle of champagne and a bag of chocolate licorice.

Happy Anniversary to ME!!


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