Cherubs at Goodwill???

Can I just say how much I love thrift stores! I do, I do and I always have:)

I was in the GWDC  thats,  “Good Will Donation Center” a while back and saw this poor little broken unloved cherub picture frame.


I knew I could make them pretty again! I bought it for the $2.83 it was marked…kind of an odd amount but oh well…. I brought it home and looked at it for awhile trying to decide what to do with it. I randomly grabbed the large rubber mallet from the tool closet and proceeded with out really thinking about it what disastrous results could occur…and wacked off the remaining appendage.

Thank goodness it just popped right off perfectly. (That kind of stuff doesn’t usually happen for me:() Then I decided that it would be pretty in white with a little distressing.

I grabbed my trusty white can of spray paint and painted it. I was NOT meticulous since I was planning on distressing it anyway.

Once it was dry, I used a sanding wedge across the top of all edges that stuck out to make it look natural. The gold that was underneath just “Peeks” through.


I picked up a mirror at Michael’s for $1.99 and here is the finished project:))

Finished Cherub Mirror!

Close up of Cherub

I decided to hang it on the door of my living room! I am feeling a pattern here…(like the monogramed frame to my bedroom)…I think I have discovered that doors are a long wasted space where art can be hung and appreciated!  LOVE IT!


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I'm just a girl in the world... I am a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a wife. I live every day hoping for the best, keeping positive and living each moment to the fullest! This is not a dress rehearsal and you may never get a second chance to live your life to the fullest. you!
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