Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

I love being outside an enjoying the beautiful North Carolina weather, but I HATE HATE HATE the bugs! Was that screaming font enough to get my point across how much? Its true here is nothing worse than trying to sit out and enjoy yourself while you are being attacked and eaten alive by mosquitoes, ants whatever else happens to be flying, crawling or slithering by….YUCK! So I came across this great idea from Jennifer over at When Pigs Fly.  I had a ….mmmhhh cough…giggle…”few” wine bottles laying around…OK ALOT! Still had some left over from the Halloween ghosts (check them out).

Anyway, I had some bottles already with the labels removed easily by soaking them in water and then removing any residue with goof off.

Here’s where if you are creative and want to decorate your bottle, do it now before you fill it!!

Cleaned Wine Bottle and Bag -O- rocks!

Next fill the bottle with rocks or marbles that will fit through the opening.

Now your ready to fill your bottle with oil. You can use different kinds, citronella will keep the ever annoying bugs away but if you can’t or don’t want to use it you can , like Emeraldmoodcreations suggests, use things like lemongrass or eucalyptus essential oil with regular lamp oil.

Next Step is to thread your wick through the washer. Different size washer needed for different sized openings of course so double-check. I am also making one right  now with a screw top lid. I am just popping out the plastic disk from the inside of the cap then drilling a hole in the top big enough for the wick. The beauty of this is that the wick stays put a lot better and if you wan to recap and store you can simply put the plastic disk back in take the wick out and screw the cap back on till next time.

You are now ready to enjoy yourself while you relax outside without the bugs driving you crazy!

These are great for BBQ’s, Outdoor dinners, Weddings, name it or just chilling with a glass of wine on the porch…

Enjoying my Redneck Wine out on my porch with my Wine Bottle Tiki Torch!


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