OOPS I accidentally found a chair!

So… today I woke and and decided to try this amazing Pumpkin Spice Crock Pot Latte recipe from Jenn over at Get Crocked. Of course as my luck would have it, I did not have all the ingredients. So I did what I do best and I winged it…but more on that later:) I got everything going in the crock pot and decided to go for my ‘new-get-back-in-shape/get my happy “ask” out of the house and away from projects, thing!’ I love the weather right now so its perfect. I told myself that I was NOT going to start, work on, or think about any projects until I finished unpacking the upstairs sitting room today.

Anyway…. as I was minding my own business on my two block walk to the park, all the sudden as if someone threw a stick at me and interrupted Blake Shelton, of all things, telling me that I should “sit back down” and “we should drink on it” … I looked up and there it was. Sitting in a heap of sticks and branches. Poor thing. Someone threw him out like a licked clean candy wrapper. “OH NO” I told myself, “No new projects!” As much as it pained me… I kept walking. Ten laps, yep 5  miles I walked swinging my arms, rocking out to country tunes, feeling the warm sunshine on my face and watching the kids and squirrels run around the play ground …there was this one guy with a bottle in a paper bag who was creeping me out a bit, but other than that I was like the girl in Tangled just in my own little world. But..you guessed it, I could not stop thinking about the chair. Visions of …sanding , paint, a plant …the mind boggles really, the problem was I had said NO. Then inner Yogagoddess finds her tongue and says, “hey, this is Karma! You can’t deny yourself this opportunity. When was the last time you had a “road find”?  You could take that little guy and turn him around…Okay, okay I convinced myself that if it was still there I would take it…I actually worried that someone else might have unexpectedly looked up while walking by and seen my little chair as well and decided they wanted their own karma! But I had to be sure first that it was a for real tossed to the curb karmic find. So after lap 10 I almost ran (if it were not for my shins hurting,) to the road where I saw it. There he was… Waiting.

I went  to the door, no answer. I went next door and this elderly man with a very high stung Jack Russel told me that he was sure that other neighbor had thrown it out. AHHHH YES! After thanking him I gleefully went over and rescued the little guy off his not so final resting place amongst the yard waste. I scooped him up, yep he was in real bad shape, but what I had in mind was for outside anyway so it wouldn’t matter too much. Plus that final call from the “Guv-nah” (thats me, saving him) had come and he was on his way to a new home:))


Not too sure yet what I will do with him?? Gonna sleep on it, unpack tomorrow since I got none of THAT done today, and figure it out next week:)) Any Ideas out there???


About yogagoddess08

I'm just a girl in the world... I am a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a wife. I live every day hoping for the best, keeping positive and living each moment to the fullest! This is not a dress rehearsal and you may never get a second chance to live your life to the fullest. Today....be you!
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